Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Links: Calendar – CSCI 1250 – CSCI 1302 – CSCI 3600 – Office Hours

I’m back!!!

After six years in an executive role as chief information officer (CIO), I’m coming back to the classroom full-time this fall to help build a thriving, accredited computer science program here at North Georgia!

This semester I’m teaching

  • CSCI 1250 – Information Technologies
  • CSCI 1302 – Computer Science II (Java)
  • CSCI 3600 – Computer Graphics

I’ll be using my personal web site (brysonpayne.com) as well as North Georgia’s learning management system, Vista, to teach modern, relevant CS/IT skills to help students go on to great careers after graduation. I’m looking forward to bringing my 27 years of programming, 14 years in higher education, and six years as CIO over a $4 Million, 35-FT-staff IT organization at a rapidly growing university back into the classroom to educate the next generation of IT workers, leaders and dreamers.