Coding example apps in Python 2.7 versus Python 3.5

January 23, 2016

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Several readers and students have asked about running the example programs from “Teach Your Kids to Code” in IDLE for Python 2.7 (the common default on Mac OS X and Linux computers) – the good news is that there are two relatively easy options:

  1. Upgrade to Python v3 with the terminal commands:
    sudo apt-get install python3


    sudo apt-get install idle3

    (let me know if you’re using a version of Linux that doesn’t work with apt-get, and I’m glad to post a video if it’ll be of help).
    All the examples in the book and the online course for “Teach Your Kids to Code” will work as-written for the newer Python/IDLE 3.
    – OR –

  2. Change just the input() and print() statements in any code examples to raw_input(), and print without the parentheses (the round brackets) for backward compatibility with Python v2.
    Example: Here’s what the program from Chapter 1, p. 6 of the book, or Lecture 3 of the Udemy course would look like for Python 2.7:
# - for Python 2.7 from p.6 or Lecture 3
# Teach Your Kids to Code
name = raw_input('What is your name?\n')
print 'Hi,', name
Python 2.7 code sample

Just a couple of small changes to your apps can help you code in Python 2.7

The other statements (and almost all turtle examples) should work the same from Python 3 back to Python 2, but the input and print statements changed between versions.
I hope this post this is of help, or message me/reply below if you’d like me to post a video – Python 2 is still used widely in the scientific and other communities (and still ships on new Linux/Mac computers). Enjoy either version of Python, and let me know if I can be of help anytime!

Happy coding!


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