Join 6,000 Students in My New Java Course in 2016!

Learn Java Like a Kid

Join over 3,000 students learning Java the quick, fun, and easy way with my new course at

You can celebrate the new year by joining over 6,000 students in my brand new Java programming course, “Learn Java Like a Kid: Build Three Desktop and Mobile Apps!” on Udemy – and, thanks to the Udemy New Year’s Promotion, you can enroll for just $10 by using the coupon code 10REASONS!

I would love to have you as a student in “Learn Java Like a Kid”, the perfect next course to add to your programming skills, and you get 90% off at just $10 through January 31, 2016 with this special offer from Udemy!

Over 12 hours of video in short, 2-10 minute lessons you can watch at your own pace, with full source code downloads so you can get started right away


A screenshot from the interactive, multi-touch Android app, BubbleDraw, you’ll learn to program in my new Java course!

You’ll build three complete desktop apps (Guessing Game, Secret Message Encoder, and BubbleDraw), and then develop the same apps for Android mobile devices to extend your Java programming skills (see a screenshot, left)! Learn Java by building quick, easy, fun apps you’ll actually enjoy and be able to share with your friends!

The course went live on New Year’s Eve, was featured in Udemy’s $10 New Year’s promotion, and gained over 2,900 students in the first four days, a new personal record!

Master a powerful new skill in 2016: Programming in Java, one of the highest-paying and most popular programming languages in the world today. Join me in “Learn Java Like a Kid” – you’ll be glad you did!

Happy New Year, and I hope you make the most of 2016!


p.s. The Udemy promotion ended Monday, January 11, but I’m leaving the coupon code 10REASONS active for at least another 1,000 students or through January 31, whichever comes first, to give you every reason to sign up to learn Java the fun, quick and easy way. Enroll today!

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