Get $30 Off for Back-to-School, Over 2,000 Students Enrolled!

Special back-to-school pricing for my Udemy course, get $30 off with coupon code BACK2SCHOOL19 !

Special back-to-school pricing for my Udemy course, get $30 off with coupon code BACK2SCHOOL19 !

It’s back-to-school time nationwide, and over 2,000 students have joined my Udemy online course, “Teach Your Kids to Code: Learn to Program Python at Any Age!” in the two months since we launched! To celebrate, you can get the course for just $19, with 7 hours of video in over 100 short, 2-6 minute lectures for learners young and old alike. Use coupon code back2school19 to get this special pricing and join my 5-star rated course by clicking here:

It’s also a great week for my book, Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Programming – grab it from Amazon, or pick it up at any Barnes & Noble nationwide. We’re still in the Top 10 Children’s Programming Books on Amazon, and we just got a glowing review from writer Don Watkins (read it at

I’ve been humbled and so grateful to read the kind words that have been written about both the course and the book – thank you to everyone who’s bought the book and signed up for the course so far, I’m truly thankful for your feedback and reviews. Here are a few recent quotes:


“This is an inspiring course taught by an inspired teacher. The examples are well-chosen — demonstrating principles through engaging, colorful projects rather than by teaching abstract principles first.”
-Kent Osband, Udemy student

Outstanding Material and Logical Instruction

“I’ve read books and I’ve taken lots of programming courses over the years, and the one thing that the best teachers have in common is a logical method for teaching the basics before getting into the advanced topics. This course (and its companion book) will get you skilled in Python…”
-James Floyd Kelly, Author, Udemy instructor and student

Excellent path into Python

“Not just for kids…use this course as the perfect Python primer. Clear examples, that build quickly into programs, leading to learning challenges. Bryson’s delivery is well paced and good fun.”
-Sean Jon Darcy, Udemy student

…A book that invites everyone who sincerely wants to learn to code

“I have read a number of introductory texts about Python that were intended to make it seem easy to master, but this book simplifies that process while at the same time providing everyone with wonderful designs that invite the learner to experiment with iterations of the code snippets. At the end of each chapter, there are programming challenges that encourage the student to apply the skills learned in that chapter.”
-Don Watkins, writer, educator and contributor

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