Over 1,100 Students Enrolled in “Teach Your Kids to Code” Course Online!

Join over 1,100 students and growing in "Teach Your Kids to Code" on Udemy!

Join over 1,100 students and growing in my Udemy course, “Teach Your Kids to Code”!

We launched “Teach Your Kids to Code” as a Udemy online course in mid-July, and over 1,100 students have enrolled in less than a month! If you’re one of my students, thank you for taking the course – if you haven’t signed up yet, you can still use the coupon code FRIENDS27 to get $30 off and start coding today for just $27 (the original coupon code has expired, but FRIENDS27 will work from now on). Over six hours of total content, in short, easy two-to-six-minute videos will have kids and adults age 5 to 95 coding in minutes!

This week is also my FREE O’Reilly Media Webcast, “Teach Your Kids to Code: Basic concepts with Turtle graphics in Python” on Thursday, August 13 from 1-2pm ET (10-11am PT). You can register for free at http://www.oreilly.com/pub/e/3422 – I’ll be demonstrating how you can teach (and learn) basic programming concepts likes variables, loops and functions using Turtle graphics in Python, with examples straight from my book and Udemy course, with a few bonuses added in.

The book is back up in the Top 5 Children’s Programming Books on Amazon this week – we’ve stayed in and around the top 10 since its release in May, but the O’Reilly webcast buzz has pushed us as high as #3 the last few days.

Alex just filmed a video (the 100th lesson in the Udemy course) with me this past week, right before he and Max started back to school. Max says he’s willing to do a video next month, so we’ll keep adding to the Udemy course and keep spreading the word about teaching kids to code!

It’s an awesome time in the Payne household! Hope you and your family are doing well, and happy coding!

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