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April 23, 2015

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Book cover for Teach Your Kids to Code by Bryson Payne

Teach Your Kids to Code: A parent-friendly guide to Python programming is available for purchase online and from a bookstore near you!

Teach Your Kids to Code: A parent-friendly guide to Python programming is available for order NOW from No Starch Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and book retailers everywhere.

Thank you to everyone who preordered Teach Your Kids to Code, pushing us into the top 30 programming books for children on Amazon! You can still save 30% off the cover price directly from the publisher by entering the coupon code COOLKIDS at http://www.nostarch.com/teachkids (with instant access to the eBook included) starting today, Thursday, April 23, 2015 to celebrate the book’s launch.

I started writing Teach Your Kids to Code almost two years ago, when my sons were 2 and 4 years old. They would sit on my lap in front of the computer, I’d write a few lines of code, run the program, let them change numbers to draw new shapes, and they’d give me suggestions for making the apps cooler. I collected their best ideas, pitched them to No Starch Press as a book for parents and kids to learn programming together, and today, I’m holding the first copy in my hands! The book is dedicated to my two favorite coders, Alex and Max, but something tells me they might be co-authors on the next one…

The long summer break is coming soon – I hope your family or group will have as much fun with Teach Your Kids to Code as I have with my boys. I’d love to hear your feedback – drop me a note, leave a comment below, or, post a review to Amazon : )! The programming language is Python, a free, easy-to-learn language used at Google, IBM, and in schools and colleges everywhere, and the book guides you step-by-step with full-color illustrations to help you get started. If you can use a text editor or write a document in Word, you can code in Python – or just let your kids show you how…

If you miss out on the special book launch pricing, you can pick up the book for ~$22 from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or in bookstores everywhere. Happy coding!

Early Praise for Teach Your Kids to Code:

“The text is clear, the graphics are engaging, and the apps are awesome. This is the programming guide for parents and kids to enjoy together.”
—Aaron Walker, Cybersecurity Expert, NASA

“The energy and excitement Bryson brings to teaching is captured perfectly in Teach Your Kids to Code, with colorful, captivating games and graphics that help develop real-world skills.”
—Bindy Auvermann, Executive Director, Next Generation Youth Development, Inc.

“Provides the building blocks of a great future in the rapidly changing world of technology.”
—JoAnne Taylor, former Vice President, Global Telecommunications, IBM​

“The concepts in Teach Your Kids to Code can help any young person enhance their college prospects and expand their career opportunities, and Dr. Payne presents these skills through fun, challenging games and apps.”
—Dr. Raj Sunderraman, Department Chair of Computer Science, Georgia State University

“Every child on the planet should have this book, and so should every parent.”
—James E. Daniel, Jr., Founder, App Studios, LLC

“An innovative, motivating guide . . . Builds skills that can last a lifetime.”
—Dr. Steven Burrell, Vice President for Information Technology & CIO, Georgia Southern University

“The kind of book I wish I’d had as a kid.”
—Scott Hand, Software Engineer, CareerBuilder

“Dr. Bryson Payne is a computer scientist and professor of the highest caliber, and with Teach Your Kids to Code, he brings the power of computers within easy reach for readers young and old.”
—Dr. Antonio Sanz Montemayor, Informatics Professor, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

“A brilliant combination of engaging, imaginative apps and valuable, lifelong skills.”
—Ted Cunningham, author of The Power of Home

“Teach Your Kids to Code and the logical thinking it introduces will help build the next generation of technology leaders.”
—N. Dean Meyer, author and executive coach

“This book can jump-start your child’s success in a high-tech world.”
—Ken Coleman, leadership author and former radio host of The Ken Coleman Show

“Dr. Payne set us on the path that led us to our dream jobs! With Teach Your Kids to Code, he’s providing parents and teachers everywhere the chance to do the same for the next generation of creative problem-solvers.”
—Shah and Susan Rahman, Riot Games

“Bryson helps people improve their lives with technology. His book does the same.”
—Ash Mady, Technical Manager, RedHat, Inc.

“Enjoyable and accessible to parents and children alike.”
—Steve McLeod, Deputy CIO, University of North Georgia

“Dr. Payne used robots, games, and fun programs to motivate me in college, and Teach Your Kids to Code extends that same passion for coding cool apps beyond the walls of the campus.”
—Bobby Brown, Lead Developer, GetUWired

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