$30 per month iPhone 5 with unlimited text/data

I don’t usually advertise on my site, but I do advocate saving and investing, so I’m posting my personal experience with switching from AT&T to Virgin Mobile cell phone service. My close friend and colleague Dr. Markus Hitz has been a Virgin Mobile customer for several years, happy with their coverage here in Dahlonega, and very, very happy with their $20/month payLo 400 minute plan. After taxes/fees, he pays around $23/month for good coverage even here in the mountains.

Even with a 15% discount, I pay over $68/month with AT&T, and my iPhone 4 has been out of contract for almost two years. So, compared to me, I calculate that Markus has saved $45 per month for over 5 years, or more than $2,500 – of course, he has an older, non-smart phone. However, Virgin offers iPhone and Android plans from $30/month for 300 minutes and unlimited text/data (on automatic monthly payment, with no contract), or $40/month for a generous 1200 minutes of talk, and unlimited text/data (plans and discounts are linked here). If you don’t want automatic monthly payments, you have to pay the full $35/45, but I like the convenience and love the discount.

Virgin Mobile offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and they claim 4G LTE service even in Dahlonega, so I’m giving them a try for the next few weeks. I’ll post updates here as this test progresses.

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