Cybersecurity Tips from Great Decisions Lecture 2012

We had a great turnout at our Great Decisions lecture series on Cybersecurity in 2012, vialis 40mg and as promised, below are some of the tips from our presentation. You can also view the entire presentation in PDF handout format. I welcome comments and tips, and thank you for taking an interest in improving cybersecurity – it starts with you!

Steps you can take for your own identity & information security:
  • Be email-aware, don’t fall for phishing or malware
  • Consider Identity Theft insurance ~$25/yr
  • Check your credit report once or twice a year
  • Check your bank/credit card statements often
  • Be privacy-aware, don’t over-share
  • Use harder passwords
  • Consider using a standalone machine for financial transactions

Steps you can take for your customers’ & employees’ security:

  • Invest in security awareness training for employees
  • Treat confidential data like “hazardous material” – handle with care, don’t just store anywhere
  • Secure your biggest risks first (likely web site, laptops/mobile devices)
  • Prepare for breaches and notifications – have a plan in place for when an event strikes
Steps you can take for your country:
  • Encourage young people to go into science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) fields – we need a generation of cyber-heroes!
  • The road to security begins with personal responsibility – securing the Internet cannot be outsourced, ignored or forgotten

Lecture Slides [PDF]: Great Decisions 2012 – Cybersecurity

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