Charity Water Birthday Results!

September 30, 2011

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We raised over $1,500 and gave fresh, clean water to 75 people for life in a developing nation! I’m so grateful to my family and friends for the generous support of my birthday wish to donate to charity:water ( in lieu of gifts this year, and together we’ve changed the lives of 75 people forever. I even got to meet founder Scott Harrison at a recent event in Atlanta and tell him about my experience raising money for charity:water, and it’s how I plan to use my birthday again next year.

Over 1 Billion people in the world do not have access to clean water on a daily basis. Charity:water is changing this, and has already served over 2 Million people in five years with clean drinking water for life in countries around the world by installing wells and filters, repairing and protecting old wells, etc., one community at a time. You can see the proof on live Google Maps at

In addition to the $1,245 raised online at my site, I received an additional $260 in cash/checks, for a total of $1,505 to charity:water, about a third of the cost of the average well project. Each well project provides about 250 people with clean, fresh drinking water for a lifetime, and I’m proud and honored to have friends willing to join me to be a part of helping solve the water crisis for people in need. Thank you to everyone below, and to my anonymous givers, for the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten (and gived):


Vic and Wenda Franklin $300
James Daniel $200
Sharon Burcham $40
Michael Bodri $40
Steve McLeod $40
Jim Sheff $100
Carol Huczek $40
Stacie Guthrie $100
Esta Payne $100
Beverly Payne $40
Patricia Donat $40
Lora B Burns $40
Norman Petty $100
Chuck Robertson $40
Charlotte Allen $25
Shannon Sims $40
Kathy Sisk $40
Dale Carver $40
Anonymous Givers (total) $140

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